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Premier Ford: Cut my bill!

Premier Ford has pledged to cut our hydro bills by 12%. Here's how he can do it: Buy low-cost water power from our neighbours in Quebec. Quebec has a huge power surplus and is eager to sell more electricity to Ontario. In fact, it has offered to sell us lots of electricity at less than one-third the price of re-building the aging Darlington Nuclear Station. The difference is billions of dollars. More

Three Options to Reduce Ontario’s Electricity Costs

This report outlines three ways in which the Ford Government could actually reduce electricity costs.  We outline how the government could save electricity users anywhere from $1.1 to $7.4 billion per year. More

The 2019 Ontario Budget: Does it really protect what matters most?

Instead of cutting spending on public health, education, environmental protection and energy conservation, the Ontario government can save billions by making a deal with Quebec. More

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A Picture Is Worth Billions

Ontario has many lower cost options for meeting its electricity needs than rebuilding old nuclear reactors. Our factsheet demonstrates that the decision to rebuild 10 aging reactors makes little economic sense. More

A Fukushima-level Nuclear Disaster at Pickering

This expert report finds that a Fukushima-level disaster at the Pickering Nuclear plant would result in an estimated 26,000 cancer cases, of which roughly half would be fatal.  Large areas of the Greater Toronto Area would need to be evacuated and would become uninhabitable in some cases for 100 years or more.  More

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