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Close Pickering by 2018!

The Pickering Nuclear Station is one of the oldest nuclear plants in the world -- and one of the largest. Pickering is now surrounded by more people than any other nuclear station in North America -- way more. Leaving this problem plagued nuclear station running for another decade in the heart of our largest urban area makes no sense. Sign the petition to close Pickering! More


Power Choices: Designing an electricity system for a rapidly changing world

Power Choices: Designing an electricity system for a rapidly changing world looks at how we could redesign our electricity system to lower its climate impact, reduce costs and create new economic opportunities. More


OPG Seeking 180% Price Increase for Nuclear Electricity

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is seeking permission from the Ontario Energy Board to increase the price of its nuclear power by 11% per year for each of the next ten years. OPG wants to raise its price for nuclear power from 5.9 cents per kWh in 2016 to 16.8 cents per kWh in 2026. That means the rate in 2026 will be almost triple (2.8 times greater) today’s price. OPG’s proposed price increases are based on the assumption that its $12.8 billion Darlington Re-Build Project will be completed on time and on budget. Of course, every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has been massively over budget. More

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Decommissioning Pickering Station can create thousands of jobs and save millions

Shutting down the Pickering Nuclear Station in 2018 and proceeding immediately with decommissioning will produce thousands of jobs, save millions of dollars and increase safety for millions of surrounding residents. More


Maximizing efficiency

Ontario could reduce its electricity demand by 31% by 2035 according to the IESO, reducing the need for fossil fuel and nuclear power generation while allowing clean renewable energy to meet more of our electricity needs. More

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