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No more secret power deals!

The Independent Electricity System Operator is deep in secret negotiations with privately owned Bruce Power for the re-building of the aging reactors at the Bruce B Nuclear Station on the shores of Lake Huron. More


Quebec electricity would save Ontario consumers $14 billion

Ontario can save more than $14 billion by importing electricity from Quebec rather than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station. It's time for Ontario to sign a long=term deal with Quebec. More


A Picture Is Worth Billions

The graph in our new factsheet explains in one image why Ontario should be pursuing water power imports from Quebec instead of re-building our aging nuclear reactors. More

Featured Story

Ontario's Coal Phase out: Lessons from a massive climate achievement

Ending the use of coal-fired electricity was a massive climate achievement -- the equivalent of taking seven million cars off the road. This report looks at how this remarkable success was achieved and the lessons learned from one of the biggest environmental success stories in recent times. More


Achieving our climate goals while lowering our energy bills

Ontario can introduce carbon pricing while lowering energy bills for citizens and businesses by importing low-cost water power from Quebec. More

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