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Close Pickering by 2018!

The Pickering Nuclear Station is one of the oldest nuclear plants in the world -- and one of the largest. Pickering is now surrounded by more people than any other nuclear station in North America -- way more. Leaving this problem plagued nuclear station running for another decade in the heart of our largest urban area makes no sense. Sign the petition to close Pickering! More


Keep Hydro One out of dirty coal

Hydro One wants to buy part of the 3rd biggest greenhouse gas polluter in the United States. Sign our petition calling on Premier Wynne to make it illegal for Hydro One to invest in dirty coal More


Ontario’s Rising Electricity Rates: The Role of Nuclear Power

This factsheet looks at how nuclear power has had by far the largest impact on Ontario's rising electricity rates. More

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A Picture Is Worth Billions

Ontario has many lower cost options for meeting its electricity needs than rebuilding old nuclear reactors. Our factsheet demonstrates that the Wynne government's decision to rebuild 10 aging reactors makes little sense. More


Powering smart action on climate in Ontario

We need to take cost-effective action to reduce electricity sector GHG emissions. This report looks at how to reduce emissions at the lowest possible cost. More

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