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Does Bruce Nuclear re-build make sense?

The OCAA's review of the Ontario Government's contract with Bruce Power to rebuild up to six reactors finds that the stated cost of the contract is really only a preliminary estimate. What happens when costs inevitably balloon beyond initial estimates (as they have for every nuclear project in Ontario's history) is largely unknown More


Quebec electricity would save Ontario consumers $14 billion

Ontario can save more than $14 billion by importing electricity from Quebec rather than re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station. It's time for Ontario to sign a long=term deal with Quebec. More


A Picture Is Worth Billions

Ontario has many lower cost options for meeting its electricity needs than rebuilding old nuclear reactors. Our factsheet demonstrates that the Wynne government's decision to rebuild 10 aging reactors makes little sense. More

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Ontario's Coal Phase out: Lessons from a massive climate achievement

Ending the use of coal-fired electricity was a massive climate achievement -- the equivalent of taking seven million cars off the road. This report looks at how this remarkable success was achieved and the lessons learned from one of the biggest environmental success stories in recent times. More


Conservation First: The next steps

Putting Conservation First Into Practice looks at the mixed signals the government is sending about its Conservation First policy. On the one hand, it says it is committed to securing all efficiency measures that can be obtained at a lower cost than new electricity supplies. On the other hand, it is not paying a fair price for efficiency measures. More

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