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 Your new electricity bill

Your residential electricity bill consists of four parts:

  • Electricity Charge: A per kilowatt hour* charge for the energy you consume. Currently, residential consumers pay 5.7 cents per kWh for the first 600 kWh they use in 30 days. For consumption above 600 kWh, the rate is 6.6 cents. (Some utilities are using time-of-use pricing -- check with your local utility.)
  • A delivery charge. This includes a charge of $2.56 per kWh* and a flat rate customer charge (in Toronto, this is set at $17.50 per month)
  • Regulatory charges, which includes a charge of 0.065 cents per kWh and a fixed charge of .25 cents per month.
  • A debt retirement charge of 0.7 cents per kWh. (Ontario Hydro incurred billions of dollars in debt in building its nuclear power system. This debt has now been assumed by the province and will be paid off by Ontario electricity consumers.)

For our appliance, air conditioning and lighting calculators we use a per kWh price of 9.7 cents. This price is derived by adding the below 1,000 kWh rate and all other variable costs based on rates charged by Toronto Hydro. (Costs may differ slightly for other utilities.) This rate may understate your actual costs and potential savings, depending on your level of electricity use.

Our Green Power calculator uses the consumption figure you provide to calculate your full monthly bill based on Toronto Hydro rates (electricity charge and fixed charges).

Because a significant percentage of your electricity bill is made up of non-generation charges, the impact of purchasing electricity from suppliers of cleaner energy (who may charge more than conventional sources) won't be as dramatic as a simple comparison of generation (electricity) charges might first lead you to believe.

> Use our calculator to see the emission and price impacts of adding green power to your residential power mix.

*your per killowatt hour consumption for these charges is multiplied by a "line loss adjustment factor" that will increase the actual number of kilowatt hours you are charged for by about 4%. Regulatory and debt retirement charges are not subject to the line loss multiplier.

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> More about the impact of coal-fired electricity generation on the air we breathe.

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