qb2015-pamphlet-1Spread the word about how we can move to a clean and green energy future, while fighting climate change and smog. There is no charge for any material or shipping (within Canada).  People like you have helped us to distribute hundreds of thousands of pamphlets and helped pave the way for an end to dirty coal in Ontario and a major commitment to improving energy efficiency.  Now we need to keep the province from betting everything on nuclear instead of adopting more flexible and cost-effective options like water imports from Quebec. Order pamphlets today and be a part of the next big wave of change!

Help Ontario make the smart choice by importing low-cost water power from Quebec.  Instead of rebuilding 10 aging nuclear reactors and being stuck with inflexible nuclear power for the next 30-60 years, we can build a modern and efficient electricity system with water power imports from Quebec.


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  • Spread the word about how we can benefit by making a deal for low-cost water power from Quebec instead of rebuilding aging reactors. There is no charge for any of the materials below shipped within Canada.