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Lower electricity costs

Ontario's electricity prices are 50% to 90% higher than Manitoba's and Quebec's. The reason is simple.  While Quebec and Manitoba have built their electricity systems around low-cost water power, Ontario has bet big -- and lost -- on high cost nuclear.  More

Proposed GTA Reactor an Unreasonable Risk

Building a new nuclear reactor in the GTA presents an unreasonable risk to the safety of millions of people More

Helping our climate by phasing-out Ontario's gas plants

The GHG pollution from Ontario’s gas-fired power plants will increase by more than 300% by 2030 as the province uses gas to replace aging nuclear plants. If this occurs, Ontario will lose roughly 40% of the pollution reduction benefits it achieved by phasing-out its dirty coal plants. We have a better plan for Ontario to keep the lights on while shifting to renewable power and phasing out gas. More

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A Picture Is Worth Billions

Ontario has many lower cost options for meeting its electricity needs than rebuilding old nuclear reactors. Our factsheet demonstrates that the decision to rebuild 10 aging reactors makes little economic sense. More

Making the Right Choice for Pickering's Waterfront

The Pickering Nuclear Station takes up 600 acres of prime waterfront real estate in the City of Pickering.  When North America’s 3rd oldest nuclear station closes in 2024, this means that there will be an exciting chance for the people of Pickering to revitalize their waterfront – and their community. More

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