March 29, 2011

Sign the Petition Calling for a Moratorium on New Nuclear Projects until…

Wouldn’t it make sense to look at all our energy options?

If you were Premier, would you spend $35 billion on re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station without looking at safer and more affordable options first? Of course not — any sensible person would want to see what else was available before committing to the costliest, most dangerous and most time consuming option on the table.

Ontario has plenty of other options to meet our electricity needs, including Made-In-Ontario green power (bio-energy, water, wind); energy efficiency to make our industries more competitive; combined heat and power that allows us use natural gas much more efficiently; and hydro imports from our neighbours in Quebec, who just signed a deal to send power to Vermont for six cents a kWh (less than a third of what the Darlington Re-Build project will cost).

If you think we should spend the next six months examining the effectiveness of these options instead of on hearings for new nuclear reactors when Ontario Power Generation can’t even tell us what technology will actually be deployed or who will supply it, then sign our petition in support of a moratorium on new nuclear projects until the province has fully explored the potential to meet our electricity needs using a mix of lower cost and safer options.

This is a turning point in ending our costly reliance on nuclear power – tell the Ontario Government it is time to rethink its priorities. Sign the petition now and we’ll make sure your voice is heard in the Ontario Legislature! Thank you!

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

P.S. If you’re in Toronto, join us at our Nuclear in the Spotlight event on Wed. March 30th to help us turn Ontario away from nuclear and toward safer options.
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