January 16, 2012 

Don’t let nuclear projects blow our electricity bills through the roof! – new leaflet

Despite the fact that Ontario electricity use has fallen by 10% (while GDP increased) since 2005, plans to spend tens of billions of $$ on new nuclear projects are moving full-steam ahead. That’s money that could be spent on energy efficiency (where Ontario still lags behind most of its major competitors), more renewable power, and safe combined heat and power technology.

With the province struggling to address a $19 billion deficit, there has never been a better time to end the expensive nuclear goose chase. This is the year that will decide where Ontario dollars flow: into more bloated nuclear projects or into more cost-effective options.

You can help ensure Ontario makes the right choice by helping to distribute our new pamphlet: Don’t Let Nuclear Projects Blow Our Electricity Bills through the Roof! They’re free! And they contain postcards to Energy Minister Bentley.

Spreading the word to your friends, colleagues and neighbourhoods helps us tremendously when it comes to getting attention from Queen’s Park for our smarter alternatives. Order your free and beautiful leaflets today and make sure the province starts the New Year off right!

Thanks for your help!

And if you’re in Toronto, please join OCAA’s chair Jack Gibbons and me in a discussion about Ontario as a coal- and nuclear-free province:

  • Mon. Jan. 23rd, 7 p.m., at Toronto Metro Hall, Rm. #310 (John/King).
  • Is it do-able to meet all our electricity needs without nuclear or coal? Absolutely! Find out how. And plug in!

Angela Bischoff

P.S. Order your free leaflets now!

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