March 2, 2012


And the winner is… SNC, which leaves Ontario consumers and taxpayers the losers…


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has spun its wheel of fortune and chosen SNC-Lavalin and AECON as the winner of what they hope to be the first of many, many lucrative contracts for the refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear station. SNC, which helpfully purchased Atomic Energy of Canada from the federal government for essentially the cost of its office supply inventory, now will share in $600 million from OPG to plan for and then replace major components of the Darlington reactors.


With a total project cost of anywhere from $21 – $35 billion, this initial contract is just a small down payment on one of the most expensive and highest risk options for meeting our electricity needs. At a time when the provincial government is talking about cutting back on education and health care spending, allowing this project to go forward makes zero sense.


Please send Ontario’s Energy Minister a letter just by clicking here. He needs to hear from you that you support lower cost, safer and less risky electricity sources such as water power imports from Quebec, energy efficiency and natural gas-fired combined heat and power. And that you’d rather your limited tax dollars be spent on health and education than on bloated nuclear projects. Together we can stop this project from moving forward.


Thank you for acting now!


Angela Bischoff


P.S. Help us get the word out about Ontario’s wrong-headed nuclear spending. We’re preparing a new pamphlet to raise public awareness around the province, and need your assistance to print and distribute it. You can donate any amount through our website with just a couple of clicks. $50 will allow us to print 500 pamphlets; $100 will pay for 1,000. Help us prevent Ontario from locking into another expensive nuclear folly!


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