April 11, 2012

Let’s save $$ billions, not millions

The NDP has made support for the provincial budget conditional on “reviewing the electricity sector to bring down costs.” This is an excellent start, but rather than focusing on small changes that can save a million here or there, we really need to focus on the multi-billion dollar savings available from ending Ontario’s fixation with using nuclear power at any cost.

Nuclear is simply the highest cost option for keeping our lights on – even if we accept the tremendously optimistic cost estimates the government has used to justify its plan to build new nuclear units. We can save billions by switching to options like water power imports from Quebec, increased energy efficiency and expanded use of combined heat and power.

The NDP is on the right track, in part thanks to the more than 600 OCAA supporters who emailed Leader Andrea Horwath and urged her to make a sensible electricity plan a condition for her party’s support for the provincial budget. Now we have to also ensure that the McGuinty Government gets the message.

Please email Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and tell him that the electricity sector review must include a “value for money” analysis of future supply options. Send your letter to Minister Duncan here.

Thank you!

Angela Bischoff

p.s. Please order our new leaflet Let’s Cut Some Real Waste, with postcard to Energy Minister Bentley – help get the word out.

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