August 28, 2012

Why won’t any of the Big Three stand up for K-W taxpayers?

We are sad to report that the Liberals, PCs and NDP have all refused to sign our pledge promising to protect Ontario’s taxpayers from nuclear cost overruns. Only the Green Party sees the importance of ending a long legacy of bloated and dangerous nuclear projects that have left the province saddled with billions of dollars of debt.

While the PC Party has been very critical of green energy’s impact on our electricity bills, they have been strangely silent about the major cause of our skyrocketing electricity bills – high-cost nuclear power.

The Liberal Party has emphasized controlling spending on health care and education, but has ignored the billions of dollars that could easily be saved by opting for lower cost and safer alternatives to spending $21-35 billion on the Darlington Nuclear Re-Build project.

The NDP doesn’t seem to know where it stands on the issue of nuclear power, simultaneously advocating an end to the building of new nuclear plants, while still willing to assess the need for rebuilding Darlington.

All three parties seem to cling to the belief that, if we wish hard enough, we won’t see another multi-billion dollar cost overrun on a Darlington rebuild, despite the fact that every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has come in vastly over budget and behind schedule, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.

The Liberal, PC and NDP candidates need to hear from you that wishes are not enough: We need a firm and clear pledge to end nuclear cost boondoggles once and for all. Click here to send them a message – they need to hear from you!

Thank you,

Angela Bischoff

P.S. Read former NDP Energy Minister Jenny Carter’s letter to NDP K-W candidate Catherine Fife asking her to sign the Electricity Consumer Protection Pledge. .

P.S.S. If you can help us distribute our leaflet in the K-W riding, contact me. Thanks.

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