The Toronto Star
February28, 2013
William Shore


Re: A New England ‘non’ to Hydro-Québec, Feb. 24

I want our new Ontario Premier to aid our friends in Quebec by buying more of their clean water power. This could allow New Hampshire to take less than the 1200 megawatts that they don’t like, whereas Ontario would be thrilled to get up to 2700 MW at about 6 cents per kw/hour. I’m hoping that Ontarians would notice that 6 cents is exactly half of the price that we are paying for nuclear power.

While this might make some of our nuclear planners unhappy, because they have their heart set at keeping nuclear big. But we can’t afford the extra billions.

I hope that Premier Kathleen Wynne can see how she could then fund full-day kindergarten, and build the much-needed transit infrastructure and make poverty history, pay for long-term senior care, etc.

I know the NDP would be happy to phase out nuclear, and I remember Tim Hudak saying that buying from Quebec would be a good idea, so here is a chance for all parties to work together.

William Shore, Sutton