Before voters go to the polls in five provincial by-elections on August 1st they need to know which political parties have realistic plans to reduce our electricity rates and bills. And they need to know which parties are still kidding themselves about the costs and risks of nuclear mega-projects.
Conservation First
Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli recently announced that the Wynne Government is committed to pursuing all cost-effective energy conservation and efficiency measures before investing in new, higher-cost power plants . We need to know if the other political parties also support a Conservation First energy policy. And we need to know if the Liberals will be more realistic about the true costs of nuclear energy and really pursue all cheaper efficiency measures.
Hydro Imports from Quebec
Quebec has a huge surplus of clean, low-cost renewable electricity. Last year the average price of Hydro Quebec’s power exports was only 4.1 cents per kWh. In contrast, Ontario currently pays Bruce Power 7.4 cents per kWh for nuclear electricity. And the cost of electricity from a re-built Darlington Nuclear Station would be much higher (19 – 37 cents per kWh).
Our American neighbours are smart enough to buy low-cost hydro-electricity from Quebec. And, since the National Energy Board Act requires Hydro Quebec to sell power to Ontario at the same price that it sells power to the U.S., the Premier of Ontario can lower our bills and meet our electricity needs by importing hydro-electricity from Quebec.
Questions for By-Election Candidates
We have asked the Scarborough-Guildwood and Etobicoke-Lakeshore by-election candidates from the four major parties if they support these priorities. You can read the responses received from the Liberal, NDP and Green candidates in Scarborough-Guildwood; and from the NDP and Green candidates in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. We will post additional responses as we receive them.

Please ask Etobicoke-Lakeshore Conservative candidate Doug Holyday, and Liberal candidate Peter Milczyn, as well as Scarborough-Guildwood Conservative candidate Ken Kirupa what their positions are with respect to conservation and hydro imports from Quebec.