A remarkable achievement — but we’ve got so much more to do!

This year marks a tremendous achievement for the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) – the end of coal burning in Ontario (the Thunder Bay coal plant will be converted to biomass next year). That is five coal plants that once produced as much air pollution as seven million cars no longer pumping out dangerous toxins, climate wrecking greenhouse gases and a stew of smog ingredients.

No group anywhere else has achieved this — a deliberate end to dirty coal use to improve our health, our kids’ health, and the health of our climate.

VP Al Gore pays tribute to the OCAA
Last Thursday, climate champion and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, seen here with Premier Wynne, recognized the OCAA’s pivotal role in driving Ontario’s coal phase out at an event in Toronto marking Ontario’s international climate leadership.

When the OCAA started its campaign to phase out coal in 1997, few thought we would succeed. It took tremendous effort and persistence, but we did it. We undercut every argument for not proceeding while continually demonstrating that Ontario had healthier and cleaner options. The end result is remarkably cleaner air and the single largest greenhouse gas reduction anywhere in North America.

But we’re not done. Our goal now is to move Ontario towards a 100% renewable electricity grid by combining Made-in-Ontario green energy with energy conservation and efficiency and low-cost water power from Quebec. It’s an ambitious goal, but it is the kind of big change we need if we are going to have any hope of controlling our runaway climate crisis. And we can do itJust like we took down coal, we can build up green.

Help us get there by supporting the work of the OCAA. Read our bulletins and take action, talk to your friends and neighbours about why action on climate change can’t wait, and put some of your donation dollars to work with one of Ontario’s most effective organizations.

It didn’t take a huge budget or dozens of staff for the OCAA to achieve its goal of phasing out coal. It took smarts and a relentless focus on results. If you want your donation dollars to achieve maximum impact, the OCAA is the place to invest.

We can do something about climate change. In Ontario, we’ve made a great start, but we have to build on this momentum by rethinking our approach to energy use. We need to maximize efficiency, invest in zero-emission solutions and import low-cost water power from Quebec to support the transition to a new green economy.

Only the OCAA has the track record of making change on this scale happen – help us continue this work by donating today. Please click here to DONATE NOW.

Thank you,

Angela Bischoff and Jack Gibbons

P.S. Please share this great news with your friends and encourage them to support our work to build on this remarkable achievement.

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