Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for a 30% increase in the price it is paid for nuclear power, to begin paying the massive bill for re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station.
But pushing up rates by close to a third is just the beginning. OPG still has no firm budget for the true cost of this project, which ought to scare the pants off of anyone in Ontario who has paid any attention to how this company runs its affairs .
Meanwhile, our neighbours in Quebec enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in North America (if not the lowest). Quebec has been exporting power to the U.S. for around four cents a kilowatt hour – less than half OPG’s preliminary estimate of the cost of re-building Darlington’s aging reactors. It has a growing electricity surplus thanks to falling electricity demand at home and two huge new generating projects that are coming online. Now is the time to make a deal for long-term power imports that can cheaply and cleanly replace the power from the aging Darlington reactors.
Think clean, safe, low-cost renewable power beats high-cost nuclear hands down? Then sign our petition calling on the government to stop OPG in its tracks and work out a deal with Quebec instead.
Thank you!
– Angela Bischoff
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