Woodstock Hydro is demonstrating the real potential for energy conservation in Ontario.  It has achieved more than one-and-a-half times its targeted energy savings making it the leader among Ontario electric utilities in the quest to tap our full efficiency potential.  Woodstock Hydro gained top place by exceeding the 2011-2014 conservation targets set by Government of Ontario and the Ontario Energy Board by 152% in just two years.

Other top performers were Chapleau Public Utilities (109%), Festival Hydro (108%), Guelph Hydro (106%), Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution (103%) and Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro (also 103%). 

In contrast, Hydro One had achieved only 45% of its target by the end of 2012. Toronto Hydro had achieved 78% of its target.
On average, Ontario’s 76 electric utilities achieved 65% of their total 2011 to 2014 electricity saving targets as of December 2012.  Click here to see how your electric utility performed
Energy conservation is the lowest cost and fastest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the need for expensive new electricity generation and transmission capacity.  With the province’s new “Conservation First” mandate, we expect to see the kind of results recorded in Woodstock become the norm across Ontario.