According to Tim Hudak, a PC Government will cut our electricity bills. But does Mr. Hudak really understand what is driving rising electricity costs?

Mr. Hudak likes to give the impression that our rising electricity rates are primarily due to subsidies for solar and wind energy. However, according to a report by Navigant Consulting for the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), subsides for solar and wind raised our electricity generation costs by only 10% in 2012. On the other hand, subsidies for nuclear electricity raised our costs by 43%.

To add insult to injury, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is now asking the Ontario Energy Board for permission to raise its nuclear rates by 30% to start paying for the re-building of the Darlington Nuclear Station. Yet we can import water power from Quebec at less than half the cost of re-building Darlington.

So why does Mr. Hudak support the Darlington Re-Build Project despite the fact that we can reduce our electricity bills by more than $1 billion per year by importing water power from Quebec instead?

Why isn’t he opposing OPG’s proposed 30% nuclear rate increase?

And why isn’t he calling for Ontario to sign a long-term electricity supply contract with Hydro Quebec for low-cost water power?

According to the IESO, in 2013, Ontario got 59% of its electricity from nuclear power and only approximately 4% from wind and solar. Bloated nuclear mega projects with a long history of being finished behind schedule and over budget are the real cause of our sky-rocketting electricity bills. Mr. Hudak needs to focus on high cost nuclear power if he really wants to reduce our electricity rates.

We need your help to get Mr. Hudak to support solutions that will actually lower our electricity bills and move Ontario towards an efficient and cost-effective 100% renewable electricity grid.

1. Please let Mr. Hudak know that you oppose OPG’s 30% nuclear price increase and that you support water power imports. You can send this message to Mr. Hudak (as well as Premier Wynne, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner) by signing our Stop the Increase Petition now .

2. Please distribute our new flyer, Stop OPG’s 30% Electricity Price Increase, to your friends, neighbours and co-workers. You can order free copies here – as many as you can distribute.

3. Please pass this message on to your friends.