More than 10,000 people have now signed our petition calling on the Government of Ontario to close the old and dangerous Pickering Nuclear Station. Clearly, there is a strong appetite to see this nuclear station – one of the world’s oldest and largest – shuttered as soon as possible.

What the petition signers recognize is that it makes no sense to keep this obsolete station operating in the middle of our country’s largest urban area. No one would build a nuclear plant in Pickering today. We shouldn’t keep the existing one operating there either, especially since it’s years beyond its design life.

Pickering has the highest operating costs of any nuclear station in North America. That, along with the rebuilding of the Darlington Nuclear Station, is why OPG wants to dramatically increase its nuclear power rates by 180% (from 5.9 to 16.5 cents/kWh ) – not exactly the solution the people of Ontario need right now.

To add insult to injury, at night and on weekends, Ontario’s nuclear reactors produce more power than we need. And unlike water, wind and solar power, the Pickering Nuclear Station cannot reduce its output when demand drops. As a result we have to sell its surplus power to the U.S. at a financial loss, often at negative prices. By closing Pickering we can eliminate our need to export power at a financial loss, and we can lower electricity bills.

The smart solution to meeting our electricity needs is to make a deal with Quebec for low-cost power. Recently, Quebec offered to sell Ontario enough power to replace Pickering at a price that is 45% lower than the aging nuclear plant’s operating costs alone. Importing Quebec power could actually cut our electricity costs by more than $12 billion over the next 20 years.

It was one sweet offer, but so far the Wynne government has refused to sign. So we’ve launched a new petition calling on the Premier to make a deal with Quebec to save us all $billions.

Please sign our petition calling for a deal with Quebec and pass it on to your friends!

Thank you…

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director

p.s. Last week I spoke at 2 events alongside First Nations calling for a 100% renewable Ontario. Watch a 2 min. video of my speech at Queen’s Park, and a 7 min. version of the events.