Andrea Horwath promises to phase-out Ontario’s gas-fired power plants by 2030

The Ontario NDP just released a bold green plan for the province – the Green New Democratic Dealthat promises that an NDP government would phase-out Ontario’s gas-fired power plants by 2030.

The plan promises to “explore all options to ensure electricity is affordable, including expanding our hydro capacity, increasing intermittent renewables including wind and solar power, creating more grid scale storage, rooftop solar capacity on buildings, and major grid interconnection with Quebec and Manitoba to enable electricity imports.”

                                                  Andrea Horwath, Leader, New Democratic Party of Ontario

They also promise to put energy conservation and efficiency first in electricity planning, noting that it is the least expensive electricity resource.

Finally, the NDP promised to stop the longstanding government practice of turning a blind eye to the problems of nuclear energy, saying “We won’t expand Ontario’s nuclear capacity unless cost and waste storage issues are resolved.”

Please contact NDP Leader Andrea Horwath <> and thank her for her climate leadership.

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