Today Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli confirmed that the province will not spend upwards of $26 billion on completely unnecessary new nuclear reactors at the Darlington Station.
It’s been evident for some time now that the cost of new reactors would be astronomical, that their power was not needed now, and that there was little likelihood it would needed in the future. 
Now that our energy decision makers’ feet are getting a little closer to the ground, it’s time for them to also come clean about the plan to rebuild the existing reactors at Darlington.  Again, the cost has been vastly understated, the need overstated, and the alternatives ignored. Let’s just hope that the government sees the light on this hopeless case and lets the second shoe drop on nuclear in Ontario before we have another giant cost fiasco on our hands.  

But for today, please congratulate Energy Minister Chiaralli on demonstrating some strong common sense by nixing new reactors.  And remind him that he should give the same sensible attention to the costly and unnecessary Darlington Re-Build Plan.