November 2, 2011

A New Energy Minister Needs a New Energy Plan

At a time when the province is struggling with a soaring deficit, Ontario’s new Energy Minister, Chris Bentley, needs a new plan.  Instead of blowing the budget on expensive new nuclear units, the Minister should be harnessing the power of energy efficiency to create jobs, reduce the provincial deficit and improve productivity.  The OCAA has sent the new minister a simple six point plan for efficiently and economically meeting the province’s energy needs:


1. Put our money-losing coal plants on standby reserve and only operate them if they are absolutely needed to keep the lights on. 

2. Direct the Ontario Energy Board and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to eliminate their red tape and perverse financial incentives that are limiting the ability – and motivation – for our electric and gas utilities to promote energy conservation and efficiency. 

3. Direct the OPA to pay large commercial and industrial customers up to the same price to save energy as they pay electricity generating companies to produce electricity.  

4. Direct the OPA to negotiate a long-term contract with Hydro Quebec for low-cost water power imports. 

5. Mandate that all new natural gas-fired electricity supply must be combined heat and power (CHP) to squeeze every drop of energy out of the natural gas we use. 

6. Require Ontario Power Generation to obtain all-in fixed price contracts from a third party (e.g., Candu Energy Inc., Areva, General Electric) to refurbish its Pickering Nuclear Station and re-build its Darlington Nuclear Station. 

You can read the full plan here.  


Please send Ontario’s new Energy Minister, Chris Bentley, an email encouraging him to strengthen our economy and reduce our energy bills through the above 6 points. Thank you!

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