December 19, 2011

A new holiday tradition? Guess the nuclear cost!

Some traditions are better than others. In our view, singing Christmas carols off key, exchanging hideous neck ties and sweaters, and sawing through Aunt Mabel’s Christmas cake all beat the long-standing tradition of under-estimating the real cost of nuclear fix-it projects in Ontario.

But unlike most holiday traditions of old, the tradition of vastly underestimating the cost of fixing aging nuclear plants in Ontario continues. Take the current Bruce A repair project. Originally forecast to cost $2.75 billion, it’s now estimated to cost $4.8 billion – $2 billion over budget. (Maybe they should have waited for some Boxing Day sales on parts.) No surprise; on average, every nuclear project in ON’s history has gone 2.5 times over budget.

So here’s our gift to long suffering Ontario electricity consumers: We are offering a $100 cash prize to the person with the closest estimate of the final cost of the Bruce A refurbishment project. You can put that $100 toward your share of paying down Ontario’s $19 billion nuclear debt, or pay off your hydro bills inflated by runaway nuclear project costs – either way, it beats another sweater.

To enter the contest, go to and fill out the form with your estimate. One entry per person. Enter now.

Happy holidays! 

Angela Bischoff

P.S. Please support our efforts by making a secure donation through our website. Clean air and a safe climate should be on everyone’s holiday shopping list. 

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