If you would like further information about the OCAA, or our campaigns to achieve a 100% renewable electricity grid, please contact:

160 John Street, Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2E5 Telephone: (416) 260-2080 x 1



jack-head-shot-17Jack Gibbons, Chair Former Toronto Hydro Commissioner

(416) 260-2080 x 2 jack@cleanairalliance.org




Angela Bischoff     Angela Bischoff, Director (416) 260 2080 x 1 Angela@cleanairalliance.org




Eve Wyatt, Municipal Government Relations




Board of Directors

jack-head-shot-17 Jack Gibbons, Chair Former Toronto Hydro Commissioner
FatimaCrerar Fatima Crerar Vice President, The Atmospheric Fund
GlenEstill Glen Estill President, Sky Generation
KaiMillyard Kai Millyard Energy Consultant
MichaelPerley Michael Perley Director, Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco