December 10, 2014

An important week for our climate, but together we can do more

This week, world leaders are once again sitting down together in Lima, Peru to talk climate. These giant talk-fests haven’t proven to be terribly effective in addressing our climate crisis, but this meeting may be the most important yet in simply recognizing that we can’t continue to delay – we have to act now to rein in runaway climate change.

Here in Ontario, we have taken a hugely important step forward by eliminating coal-fired electricity. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance led the fight to end dirty coal burning and we are immensely proud of this accomplishment.

Now we have a provincial government that is indicating that it serious about building on the climate benefits of the coal phase out. Ontario joined Quebec, California and British Columbia in announcing its intention to take strong action on climate change, including putting a price on carbon, at the Lima meeting this week.

The challenge is to build a leading low-carbon economy that drives growth in good green jobs and increases the competitiveness of our businesses while reducing our climate pollution. Again, Ontario has made some important commitments on paper: putting Conservation First to improve our energy efficiency, and continuing to expand renewable power.

But the devil is often in the details. For example, our research exposed the province’s lopsided spending on new nuclear plants compared to its spending on conservation and efficiency – that’s the kind of important information that the Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s research arm brings to light.

Indeed, our research is helping to frame the discussion on climate action in Ontario. Our documentation of the many benefits of increasing imports of clean, renewable power from Quebec instead of getting sidetracked with costly, high-risk nuclear projects, has struck a chord with Ontarians.

Our research has an extraordinary impact on decision makers because of our highly credible, fact-based focus on making life better for Ontarians.

We’re reaching out today to ask you to support us in building the vision of the Ontario we all want – a province where clean, renewable energy is used as efficiently as possible. With our research we are countering lots of misinformation and outright myths to tell the real story behind Ontario’s energy choices. And we are pointing the way forward with compelling information on the cost savings and health and climate benefits of a low-carbon, high-efficiency approach to meeting our energy needs.

The OCAA has proven time and again that despite modest resources, we can achieve big outcomes. And that’s important, because our world today is facing the biggest challenge we have ever seen in the form of a rapidly unraveling climate system.

We need your support to help us continue to build the case for clean energy leadership in Ontario. Please donate to support our highly respected research today!

Thank you. And blessings of the season.

– Angela Bischoff