With predictions of a colder than normal winter ahead, furnaces and boilers in thousands of apartment buildings and condominiums will be burning plenty of natural gas over the next five months to produce heat. But these buildings could be burning the same natural gas to produce both heat and electricity and, in the process, helping to pave the way for the shutdown of our dirty coal plants. Combined heat and power (CHP) generation is really the way of the future for multi-residential buildings. And new rules for emergency power systems are making such systems even more attractive for buildings that need to replace aging systems or for new buildings that want to provide maximum comfort and energy security for their residents.

Towers of Power: Advancing combined heat and power in multi -residential buildings is a new OCAA report that looks at the big advantages that CHP systems can provide — not the least of which is significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. If you live in an apartment building or condo, have a friend or relative living in a long-term facility or want to know more about how we can reduce the emissions impact of all those buildings, then this is a must read. The eight-page report is available on our website at www.cleanairalliance.org. Please pass this message on to your friends.

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