September 26, 2011

Ask Steve Paikin to end the conspiracy of silence

Despite the fact that PC Leader Tim Hudak is planning to spend tens of billions of dollars to build new, high-cost nuclear reactors, the Queen’s Park Press Gallery has failed to ask him how he will protect Ontario’s hard working families from future nuclear bailouts. (The other party leaders have all promised to forbid nuclear companies from passing on their cost overruns onto you and me.)

So we need your help to persuade TVO’s Steve Paikin to end the nuclear bailout conspiracy of silence during the leaders’ TV debate on Tuesday night.

Please email and tweet Mr. Paikin today and ask him to ask Tim Hudak if he will sign the Electricity Consumer Protection Pledge promising that he won’t allow nuclear companies to pass their future cost overruns on to Ontario’s electricity consumers and taxpayers. We need to know who Mr. Hudak really puts first – consumers and taxpayers or the nuclear special interest lobby?

Thanks for helping make new nuclear projects an election issue.

Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

160 John Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ont. M5V 2E5
Phone 416-260-2080 ext. 1
Clean Air Alliance
Ontario’s Green Future
No Nukes News
Health Power

P.S. Also, please order our free election pamphlet, The Billion Dollar Question That Tim Hudak Needs To Answer, and distribute it to your friends, neighbours and co-workers. There are less than 2 weeks ‘till Election Day – Oct. 6th. Help!