Ontario’s Auditor General is slamming the Wynne government for its use of creative accounting to hide the real cost of bloated nuclear projects.

Instead of using accounting tricks, the government could actually cut costs by simply taking Quebec up on its offer to supply the province with low-cost water power. If Ontario signed on to the deal offered by Quebec this summer and scaled back the already over budget Darlington rebuild project, it would save Ontario ratepayers more than $12 billion over the next 20 years. And we could save even more if we made a deal with Quebec to supply enough power to replace Darlington entirely.

It’s time for our government to get real about cutting electricity costs. It’s time to make a deal with Quebec, which has guaranteed power available year-round at an incredibly attractive price.

Tell Premier Wynne that instead of fancy accounting and $4 billion in extra interest payments, you want a deal with Quebec that will actually save us money.

Please sign our petition to Premier Wynne calling for a deal with Quebec for low cost water power. We’ll make sure she receives it.