Premier Kathleen Wynne has asked TD Bank President Ed Clark how the province can “optimize” assets like the LCBO and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in order to help slay the province’s deficit. When it comes to OPG, we had a few words of advice for Mr. Clark: Stop this underperforming crown corporation from wasting more money on bloated nuclear projects.  In our submission to Mr. Clark, we pointed out that all the dividends and income taxes paid by OPG and Hydro One over the last 15 years have gone to paying down the debt left by Ontario Hydro’s nuclear cost debacles instead of paying for transit, school repairs or better health care.  It’s time to get OPG off the nuclear debt treadmill and back to focusing on its real crown jewels: The 54 low-cost water power generating stations it inherited from the old Ontario Hydro.

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