As temperatures across Ontario climb into the baking hot range, we can also expect demand for electricity to surge. And that surge in electricity demand will be met by ramping up the output of Ontario’s dirty coal-fired generators — particularly Nanticoke and Lambton. It’s the perfect recipe for brewing more smog and accelerating climate change.

That’s why we need to take action now to bust peak demand. By simply busting the extreme summer peak in electricity demand that occurs for 88 hours a year, we could eliminate the need to operate 7 of Nanticoke’s 8 boilers by 2010. Better yet, by implementing effective efficiency and conservation measures, like peaksaver programs that cycle off air conditioners and water heaters during peak periods, we also reduce the skyrocketing price of electricity in peak periods.

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is challenging communities and companies across Ontario to become Peak Busters. We will recognize the communities and companies that do the most to use the least through our new Peak Busters challenge. Make sure your community and company are energy winners by acting on the great information available on our new website. And make sure your friends and family know about the importance of being a Peak Buster as well.

Together we can bust peak demand and knock out coal! Get started today at

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