November 29, 2006

Brighter Ideas

Our premier and his power advisers believe our only choice is to burn coal or sit in the dark.  But a lot of other folks in this province think there just might be some brighter answers.  One of these ideas is “Community Energy Intensification” — a long way of saying making our cities leaders in smart energy use.
This Friday, December 1st, the Canadian Urban Institute will be presenting an Urban Leadership event to discuss how cities can become leaders in energy efficiency and productivity, district energy systems and renewable power.  Ontario Clean Air Alliance Chair Jack Gibbons will be one of the panel members and will address how cities can help the province move out of the dark ages of inefficient and wasteful centralized energy mega-projects.
This promises to be a fascinating event full of practical solutions to our current energy quandaries, like how to phase-out dirty coal plants before global warming leaves Nanticoke underwater.  If you’d like some positive news about how we can harness our tremendous clean energy potential for a change, this is the event for you — details and registration information are available at

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