The Ford government has been busy slashing spending on everything from public health to class sizes to energy conservation programs. In all, its reductions to date add up to at least $1.8 billion.

Meanwhile, it will borrow $4.3 billion per year to continue the previous government’s artificial subsidy of electricity prices.

Is this the best way to balance the province’s books?

Our new factsheet compares the government’s cuts to what it could save by making a deal with Quebec for low-cost water power.

We calculate that by using low-cost Quebec water power instead of spending billions rebuilding old nuclear plants, the government could save up to $3.7 billion per year. That’s a lot of daycare spaces secured, school roofs fixed and art programs saved.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has made no secret of the fact that he would love to make a deal with Ontario to sell it some of his province’s huge surplus of low-cost power. So why is the Ford government so determined to slash spending on everything but bloated nuclear projects?

If you think the Ontario Government needs to get its budget priorities straight, please contact the Premier and tell him to focus on the real savings – Quebec water power to replace Ontario’s high-cost nuclear sector.

Email:; phone 416-325-1941; cell 416-805-2156. (And please cc me:

Thank you.

Angela Bischoff, Director