Phase-out Polluting Gas Power

Huge increase in gas use means more climate destruction

Greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution from Ontario’s existing gas-fired power plants will increase by 375% by 2030 and by more than 600% by 2040 as the province uses gas to replace aging nuclear plants and to meet growing demand for electricity from population growth and increased electrification (electric cars, home heating). If this occurs, Ontario will lose almost half of the pollution reduction benefits it achieved by phasing-out its dirty coal plants.

To add insult to injury, in Oct. 2022 the Doug Ford government directed the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to contract for the building of NEW gas plants in Ontario.

We need to phase out polluting gas
to save our climate!

Urge the Government of Ontario to direct the IESO to plan for a full phase out of gas-fired generation by 2030.

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It will also make it impossible for Ontario to meet its already inadequate climate targets and put us even further behind in meeting our commitments under the critically important Paris climate accord.

With climate change and its impacts already accelerating, including stronger storms, more flooding and brutal heat waves, we cannot afford to move backwards at this critical time. We need to phase-out the now unnecessary use of gas for electricity generation and move to sustainable solutions, including enhanced energy efficiency efforts, waterpower imports from Quebec and a newly invigorated renewable energy industry in Ontario.

We are asking Prime Minister Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to work together to establish federal Clean Electricity Regulations that will a) prohibit the building of new gas plants in Ontario effective immediately: and b) require Ontario to move to a net zero-carbon electricity grid by 2030. Thirty three other organizations have joined our call.

See our Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, and our Open Letter to NDP Leader Singh.

Click here to send your own message to Prime Minister Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

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Phasing out polluting gas-fired generation

We have a lot of options for replacing gas-fired generation and the most effective plan is to combine them in a system that maximizes efficiency and takes advantage of our proximity to a waterpower superpower – Quebec.

We can start by restoring Ontario’s leadership in developing cost-effective energy efficiency programs and go much deeper.

Improving energy efficiency is also an excellent opportunity to create jobs and spur the development of new high-value technologies. Retrofitting homes and businesses, installing new energy efficiency lighting and equipment, and developing everything from smart controls to new grid technology can drive job growth throughout the province. Gas-fired power plants are not a major source of employment, but they are a serious pollution source for both local communities and our climate. And importing more fracked gas is not going to create jobs or grow our economy.

Developing renewable energy projects right here in Ontario is another major economic opportunity. Costs for solar and wind have fallen dramatically since the days of Ontario’s Green Energy Act and the technology has also improved significantly. The world is going renewable, with the International Energy Agency predicting that 95% of growth in electricity supply over the next five years will come from renewable sources. Ontario has excellent renewable energy opportunities and turning our backs on this growth industry, as the current government wants to do, makes no sense.

The good news is Ontario is right next door to one of the world’s biggest batteries (and sources of renewable power) – Quebec. Quebec’s vast waterpower system can back up Ontario’s renewable power supply and also supply baseload power throughout the year. Its water power system is also flexible and can be ramped up and down quickly as power demand rises and falls.

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