Ontario’s announcement that it plans to build a number of new polluting gas plants must be stopped in its tracks to save our climate.

The province’s plan to build up to 1,500 megawatts of new gas power is economic and climate lunacy – the federal government must step in to ensure we can actually finally meet our Paris Agreement climate targets.

The federal government’s proposed Clean Electricity Standard is the right tool to stop this terrible plan, but it needs work. It must shut the door on the construction of new gas plants right away; and should require Ontario to get serious about getting off fossil fuels for electricity generation by 2030. Ontario has lots of other low-cost, green options for keeping the lights on. It does not need more gas plants.

If Ontario is not deterred, it will increase climate damaging emissions from its electricity sector by more than 600%.

A zero-carbon electricity system is important both for long overdue action to achieve Canada’s emission reduction targets, and to bolster our economic competitiveness as businesses look to locate in places that can offer climate-friendly power.

The good news is that Ontario can move to a zero-carbon electricity grid by 2030 and lower electricity bills by investing in energy efficiency, wind and solar, and collaboration with our neighbours in Quebec to access their surplus water power and storage. Ontario’s recent decision to not renew its agreement to import a modest amount of zero carbon waterpower from Quebec speaks volumes about the province’s lack of interest in finding real climate solutions.

Please send a message to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, your MP and your MPP stating your support for achieving the goal of a zero-carbon electricity system for Ontario by 2030 and for strong rules to make this happen.