Ontario is planning a huge increase in polluting gas power – from existing gas-fired plants as well as new gas plants, like Eastern Power’s proposed new 600-megawatt gas-fired power plant near Sarnia.

Increasing the use of fossil gas at a time when this province is far behind on reducing climate-damaging emissions is the definition of insanity. Yet our provincial electricity planners remain gung-ho on gas despite Premier Ford’s statement that he will not be happy until Ontario achieves a zero-carbon electricity system.

We need the federal government to use its promised Clean Electricity Standard to prohibit the building of new gas-fired power plants in Ontario.

Time is running out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid runaway climate change. The federal government simply cannot allow Ontario to increase rather than decrease emissions from its electricity sector.

Fortunately, the province has many better and lower cost options for meeting its electricity needs, from embracing deep energy efficiency and renewable power to collaborating with neighbouring provinces on accessing low cost waterpower and energy storage services.

A zero-carbon electricity grid will also make Ontario a very attractive investment location for the growing number of companies that have promised to make their operations net zero.