September 21, 2006

Clean energy

What’s the link between reducing your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and using natural gas for cooking, drying or water heating?  What are the major advantages of gas appliances?  What should you look for in choosing a gas appliance?  Find out today in our online chat with Vince Copestake from Union Gas.  To participate, simply head to between noon and 1 p.m. and click on “Ask the Expert.”

On Tuesday, technical difficulties prevented some of you from posing questions to Steven Peck about Green Roofs (or getting answers to your questions).  Steven has kindly offered to take further questions by email, so if you had problems getting your question answered, please email it to us at  You can also see a transcript of the discussion about green roofs with some additional answers at (click on Ask the Expert and then the link for the Green Roofs transcript).

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