The Ontario government has set an ambitious target of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. There is no question that we need to meet this target – one look at the flooding, wild weather and wildfires across Canada confirms the costs of inaction on climate.

Powering smart action on climateBut we also don’t need to waste billions of dollars achieving these reductions. In fact, our governments have a responsibility to ensure a cost-effective approach to reducing emissions that actually benefits citizens and businesses.

As our new report makes clear, however, the Ontario government currently wants Ontarians to pay a huge premium for reducing electricity sector emissions by keeping old nuclear stations alive well past their design lifetimes. Without question, this is the costliest way to reduce electricity-related emissions.

What our report makes clear is that there is no shortage of cheaper and more reliable options for reducing emissions. For example, we show that Quebec has a more-than-ample supply of both water and wind power that could meet a large share of Ontario’s power needs. Similarly, right here in Ontario, enhanced energy efficiency efforts could take care of one-third of our need for electricity – at a fraction of the cost of rebuilt reactors.

Click here to read our new report: Powering smart action on climate in Ontario: A fiscally responsible climate-action strategy for electricity in Ontario.

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Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director

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