April 23, 2009

Closing the nuclear loophole in the Green Energy Act

On Monday, April 27th, the Ontario Legislature’s Committee on General Government will be voting on amendments to the Green Energy Act. We are hoping that one or both opposition parties will be putting forward amendments that would truly level the playing field for renewable power by outlawing the practice of allowing nuclear power companies to pass their capital cost overruns onto Ontario’s long-suffering electricity consumers and taxpayers.

Such an amendment is critical for ensuring that the Green Energy Act delivers on its promise of a more sustainable electricity system in Ontario. Without it, we face 60 more years of nuclear mega-projects that run massively over budget at our expense. That’s no way to kick off a new green energy era in Ontario.

Please contact Energy Minister George Smitherman; Opposition Leader Bob Runciman; and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and ask them to amend the proposed Green Energy Act to make it illegal for nuclear power companies to pass their capital cost overruns on to Ontario’s electricity consumers and taxpayers.

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