July 16, 2010

Conservation and cooperation a winning formula

By working together, Ontario and Quebec can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their electricity systems while also keeping rates in check for businesses and consumers.

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance and Quebec environmental leader Equiterre today released a report that demonstrates that a key to this approach is a greater emphasis on electricity conservation in Quebec. With the highest electricity consumption per person in the world, now is the time for a new approach in Quebec that uses deeper and stronger conservation efforts to free up existing hydro power for export to Ontario and the U.S. Northeast.

Ontario and Quebec are ideal electricity partners: Quebec’s power demand peaks in winter while Ontario demand peaks in summer when air conditioners are running full out. Ontario can send Quebec power from its wind turbines in winter, while Quebec can send Ontario hydro power in spring and summer. This saves Quebec from having to pursue costly new mega-dams and Ontario from having to build more expensive natural gas peaking plants.

The result is less pressure on electricity rates and our environment.

Read the full report, Higher Profits and Lower Bills: A New Electricity Strategy for Hydro Quebec, at https://www.cleanairalliance.org

Thank you.

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Ontario Clean Air Alliance
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