July 22, 2010

Conservation still low priority in Ontario

As of December 2009, for every dollar that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has spent on energy conservation, it has contracted for $44 of new electricity supply.

Yet the OPA’s payments to large industrial consumers to save a kilowatt-hour (kWh) are as much as 89% lower than the cost of producing a kWh from a new nuclear reactor, making investing in efficiency a terrific bargain for Ontario.

Conservation is the cleanest form of energy generation. It makes our industries more efficient and reduces energy bills for homeowners.

For more information, please download our up-dated fact sheet:

Conservation vs. Electricity Supply: A summary of the Ontario Power Authority’s procurement efforts.

Please email Ontario’s Energy Minister Brad Duguid and ask him to tell the OPA to make investments in energy efficiency a top priority (and please cc me).

Thank you for making the time to push for conservation!

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Ontario Clean Air Alliance
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P.S. Can you help us distribute our leaflets in your community? They’re free! They include postcards to Harper and Ignatieff to oppose tax-payer subsidies for new nuclear reactors in Ontario. Order them from me: angela@cleanairalliance.org Thanks!