June 25, 2009

Cool it and win

Summer officially started on Sunday with a day that reached close to 30ºC in Southern Ontario, which means this is the perfect time to make sure your central air conditioner is a peaksaver. Sign up for your utility’s peaksaver program and you will be helping to phase out coal-fired electricity generation on some of our worst air quality days. 

Better yet, you’ll also be eligible to enter our great PeakBusters contest that is giving away $200 gift cards for MEC, Lululemon, Future Shop and Indigo. Tell your friends and family that you are taking action on climate change and smog and you’ll get even more chances to win – see www.peakbusters.ca for details.

You can’t lose when you enrol in peaksaver, because both the planet and your pocket book win. Your utility may use the peaksaver device on your central AC to lower its power use during peak electricity demand periods. Your home will remain cool, but you will be helping to reduce the need to burn coal to produce electricity. So the real prize is action on climate change and better air quality.

Find out more about how peaksaver works today and enter our contest at www.peakbusters.ca.

Don’t have central air conditioning? – You can still win.

Just tell us what other energy saving actions you are taking to save the planet (and your budget) and you can enter our PeakBusters contest as well. Click here to enter.

A big thank you to our contest sponsors:

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