May 11, 2006

Cool your electricity demand on smog alert days

If you have a central air conditioner and live in the City of Toronto, you can help reduce the need for dirty coal-fired electricity imports this summer by enrolling in Toronto Hydro’s PeakSAVER program.

Here’s how it works:  A peakSAVER switch will be installed on your central air conditioner.  During peak electricity demand periods, like hot summer days, a signal will be sent to cycle your system off for a short period to reduce the amount of electricity needed by the province.  You’re unlikely to notice any difference in home comfort as you do your part to reduce the need to import dirty coal power.

As an added bonus, Toronto Hydro will give you $25 for joining and will also pay for the installation costs.  And if you join before July 8, 2006, you will automatically be entered into a draw for a $2,000 Future Shop gift certificate or a Nikon D50 digital camera.

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Toronto Hydro is Ontario’s most aggressive electricity conservation champion.  Its goal is to reduce its customers’ peak day demands by 5% by 2007.  If you do not live in the City of Toronto, please ask your local electric utility when it will have a peakSAVER program like Toronto Hydro’s.

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