Toronto Star
December 2, 2013
William Shore

Cost-effective savings

Re: Energy minister warns higher prices are here to stay, Nov. 28 
Energy minister warns higher prices are here to stay, Nov. 28
I am eagerly awaiting Bob Chiarelli’s new energy plan. Last month he explained: “Ontario’s vision is to invest in conservation first, before new generation, where cost-effective.”
So I want to point out very two cost-effective ways he can conserve the resources of Ontario. He should forgo the rebuilding of Darlington’s nuclear plant because Ontario can purchase almost all of the projected Darlington output by buying the much cleaner water power available from Quebec. This will save Ontario more than $1 billion every year, reports the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.
I hope he will also encourage citizens to buy solar hot water systems. Those of us in Ontario who have now had many years of experience with these systems know that they work and save a large portion of our household’s water heating costs, no matter what fuel our house currently uses. The technology is simpler than solar electric systems and much cheaper.
I wonder if the minister knows this: in the Chinese city of Rizhao, 99 per cent of households have had solar hot water systems for at least six years.
William Shore, Sutton