Yesterday, Hydro Quebec announced that it will not proceed with its proposed Gentilly-2 Nuclear Re-Build Project. According to Hydro Quebec, the total cost of re-building Gentilly-2 would be $6.3 billion, including decommissioning.

On the other hand, the Government of Ontario is still planning to proceed with the Darlington Nuclear Re-Build Project. Darlington is 5.2 times the size of Gentilly-2 (3524 megawatts vs. 675 megawatts), which means that based on Hydro Quebec’s cost estimates, the total cost of the Darlington Re-Build Project would be $33 billion.

Interestingly, Hydro Quebec also reports that it will only earn 4 cents per kWh from its electricity exports in 2017. That’s one-fifth the cost of power from a rebuilt Darlington Station. Why would Ontario spend $33 billion rebuilding Darlington when we can get replacement power from Quebec at one-fifth the cost?

Please contact Energy Minister Chris Bentley today and ask him to save us billions by cancelling the proposed Darlington Re-Build Project.