Donate a little, save a lot
With your help, we can save Ontario billions, actually lowering your electricity bills.
While our political leaders tilt at windmills and ring their hands over rising electricity costs, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance continues to point to the real causes and real solutions for rising bills.
The real cause is high-priced nuclear projects that never deliver on their promise of affordable power. The real solution is to import low-cost, clean and safe water power from Quebec rather than wasting $21 to 35 billion on another generating station boondoggle – the re-building of the aging Darlington Nuclear Station.One of our most effective tools for getting the message out is our pamphlet calling on Premier Wynne to sit down with Quebec and make a deal.
We’ve already distributed thousands of these pamphlets with the help of our member organizations and volunteers. But we want to print another 20,000 copies – and we need your help to make it happen.
By making a donation to the OCAA, you can help us shine a light on how we can keep electricity costs under control. And that will end up saving you and everyone you know in this province a bundle.
Help us get the word out. Just $100 will allow us to print and distribute 550 pamphlets ($50 = 275 leaflets). Please click here to make a donation.
Working together we can lower our electricity bills and move Ontario towards a 100% renewable electricity grid.
Thank you!