April 24, 2007

Duncan nixes scrubbers

According to a report released by the Ontario Power Authority today, installing the best available end-of-pipe pollution control technologies on the Nanticoke coal-fired power plant would reduce the total air emissions of Ontario’s dirty coal plants by only 14/100ths of 1 percent and would cost $1.6 billion. 

The OPA report’s numbers make it clear that these expensive scrubbers would have zero impact on the coal plants’ enormous greenhouse gas emissions and would be less effective for controlling conventional air pollutants than switching to cleaner burning natural gas (and vastly less effective than moving to a mixture of conservation, renewables and combined heat and power production).

We are pleased to note that this afternoon Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan told the Legislature that the Government of Ontario will not direct Ontario Power Generation to install end-of-pipe pollution controls (scrubbers) on its coal plants. According to Minister Duncan, “we have determined  it makes better sense to replace coal as quickly as we can, and not be sidetracked with a scrubber sideshow.”

The Minister is right on the money with this observation, but to ensure his good words result in real action the Minister also needs to adopt legally binding regulations to require the phase-out of coal burning by 2009.  Please email Minister Duncan at Dwight.Duncan@energy.gov.on.ca and ask him to follow through with a legal commitment to phase out coal.

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