In the wake of extensive media coverage of the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA’s) proposal to put a high voltage transmission line through East Toronto, as well as a packed house community meeting at Pape and Gerrard, the Minister of Energy has declared that no line will run down Pape Avenue (without ruling out other potential routes). The Minister later added that “My hope is that there doesn’t have to be another line. You can offset the potential future need by conservation and energy efficiency.”

Which is exactly what the Ontario Clean Air Alliance has said from Day 1 about this plan to pump more nuclear energy through Scarborough, Leaside and Riverdale. The only problem is that the Minister’s statement has no legal effect whatsover on the various planning authorities — it’s just good words right now. We need Minister Duncan to walk his talk by issuing a legally binding directive to the OPA telling the agency to forego its East Toronto transmission line in favour of aggressive energy conservation measures.

Please contact Minister Duncan, at, and ask him to issue a directive to the OPA, pursuant to Section 25.30 of the Electricity Act, telling it to: a) cancel its plans for the East Toronto Transmission Line; and b) develop an alternative strategy consisting of energy conservation and efficiency and small-scale local generation to meet the electricity needs of the City of Toronto.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you

Jessica Fracassi
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