Ask Doug Ford to phase-out gas power by 2030

To meet Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction targets and do our part to address climate change, Ontario must phase-out the use of polluting gas in the electricity sector by 2030. We have outlined the steps the province can take to both eliminate this climate-damaging source of energy and to lower electricity costs for Ontario consumers.

The Ontario Liberals, NDP and Green Party have all committed to virtually eliminating gas power by 2030. The PC’s current plan is to ramp UP gas by more than 600% by 2040!

During the recent provincial leaders’ debate, Doug Ford said that he will not be happy until Ontario achieves a 100% zero-carbon electricity grid. We couldn’t agree more! By following our plan, the PC leader can make himself and the people of Ontario very happy by lowering our climate impact and cleaning our air.

Please send PC Leader Doug Ford a message asking him to direct the IESO to develop and implement a plan to phase-out gas power by 2030. Tell him you care about the climate and that gas has gotta go.