Today, Ontario is producing 21% more goods and services for every kilowatt hour of electricity consumed than it was in 2005. Since the depths of the 2008-09 recession our economy has steadily recovered while electricity demand has remained largely flat. Better technology, such as LED lighting — which has now leaped ahead of even fluorescent lighting in its energy efficiency — computerized pumps and motors that adjust to workloads, and more efficient computer data centres are examples of the technologies driving this trend.

But Ontario continues to under invest in energy efficiency and remains fixated on spending tens of billions of dollars to re-build increasingly unnecessary nuclear reactors. For every dollar the province has budgeted for energy conservation efforts in the next six years, it is planning to spend at least $5.40 on re-building the Darlington Nuclear Station. 

To learn more about these two trends, read our new factsheets:

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