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Ford government needs to get into high gear on EVs Petition

Premier Doug Ford loves to say that Ontario is “open for business.” But if that business is building electric vehicles (EVs), his government has not provided much encouragement. Cancelling the province’s cap and trade system and, with it, incentives for electric vehicles, did not exactly communicate a strong desire to support this fast-growing sector.

Ontario needs to build its EV industryGeneral Motors has justified its decision to close its Oshawa assembly plant by saying it needs to quickly shift to electric and self-driving vehicles. Premier Ford should be pressing GM and other automakers to make these cars of the future here. Ontario workers have a proven track record for building high-quality vehicles and we have many cutting-edge technology companies in the auto sector. What’s holding us back is a government that is not communicating a strong interest in moving to a low-carbon economy.

Electric cars are increasingly popular in Ontario – 8.2% of new cars sold in Ontario in 2018 to date have been electric (plug in or battery). Of course, with greater range, lower prices and growing selection, EV sales are taking off worldwide with many auto sector analysts anticipating a tipping point in the not so distant future where EV sales rapidly outpace sales of conventional vehicles.

The auto industry has been the engine of Ontario’s economy for over 100 years. We cannot afford to lose our auto industry and its good jobs now. To grow and protect our economy, Premier Ford must develop a strategy to ensure that Ontario rapidly becomes a world leader in the production and use of EVs and other low-carbon technologies.

Please help save the engine of Ontario’s economy, the auto sector. Sign our petition now calling on Premier Ford to accelerate EV development, manufacturing and sales in our great province.

Thank you.

Angela Bischoff, Director


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