September 27, 2006

Exciting happenings in York Region

This month, two farsighted development projects in York Region have unveiled combined heat and power facilities that will help reduce the need for dirty coal power and high risk, high cost nuclear energy in Ontario.  These “self-generation” projects will also avoid the need for expensive new transmission lines.
Earlier this month in Kleinburg, Villa Colombo Vaughan, in partnership with OZZ Corporation, commissioned a new natural gas-fired combined heat and power plant for its new long-term care facility.  Meanwhile in Aurora, the Highland Green Condominium, in partnership with BluePower, recently celebrated the installation of its new natural gas-fired combined heat and power plant.
By meeting their own heating and electricity needs very efficiently (combined heat and power plants are 80-90% efficient versus the 34% efficiency of a coal plant and the 30% efficiency of a nuclear reactor), these projects are really demonstrating the way of the future.  They are also protecting their residents by ensuring that lights and heating systems stay on if there is ever a local or provincial blackout.
These projects are also great examples of how we can take control of the energy agenda in Ontario.  If you don’t like smog and think climate change is a tremendous and growing threat, then push your condo board, landlord or workplace to consider the huge benefits of combined heat and power systems.  For once, we’ll be putting hot air to good use.
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