The nuclear industry likes to claim that it provides a great deal for the people of Ontario. So why is Bruce Power so afraid of letting us know what the cost of power will be from the reactors it wants to spend billions of dollars re-building?

In mid-May, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario ordered the Government of Ontario to provide the Ontario Clean Air Alliance with a forecast of how much the price of Bruce Power’s nuclear electricity will increase during each year from now until 2064.  You’d think Bruce Power would be delighted to reveal what a bargain it is providing Ontario’s electricity consumers, given all its advertising about its sensational product.   Instead, it is appealing the Commissioner’s decision and fighting tooth and nail to keep its future prices secret.  

If Bruce Power has such a great deal to offer the people of Ontario, it should be happy to make all the details public, just as renewable energy suppliers do.  Even Ontario Power Generation (OPG) provides details on its future prices.  Of course, OPG’s story isn’t a good one for the nuclear industry, with prices doubling thanks to its Darlington rebuild project.  

Bruce Power should drop its appeal and come clean on the future price increases for its nuclear energy

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