Below is the text of a letter sent to K-W NDP candidate Catherine Fife from Jenny Carter, the first energy minister in the NDP provincial government. 


Dear Ms. Fife,

Every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone massively over budget – on average by 2.5 times. And the cost overruns are passed on to you and me. In fact, we are still paying down the $20 billion debt from previous nuclear fiascos. Please support the campaign to end these sweetheart deals for the nuclear special interest lobby. Please sign the Electricity Consumer Protection Pledge today.

I was the first Energy Minister in Bob Rae’s Ontario government. To me, our pledge to build no more nuclear power stations was of key importance.

Nuclear power stations pollute even when running normally, and it has been shown that children living near to them are more likely to die of leukemia. Darlington kills fish and pollutes the lake from which Toronto and millions of people in other places take their drinking water. There are many possible disaster scenarios, such as an earthquake, war, or terrorist attack, in which Darlington could become another Fukushima. Did you know that nuclear power stations are uninsurable? Any disaster costs go straight to the taxpayer.

The main reason we have nuclear power stations is because they provide materials necessary for nuclear weapons. Renewable energy is not only safer, and environmentally benign. It is far, far, cheaper.

I am a long -time NDP member, and I want you to win this election. Please sign this pledge.

Jenny Carter